Sunday, October 27, 2013

Look Who Turned 40

This was a big week for Rinar. He is now 40!  Whoa, how did that happen? He actually had his birthday in the middle of the week and was out of town working. Therefore, we didn't get to celebrate until Saturday.  I made sure all of the kids made him a card and Harry, Eli, and Julia worked really hard to make something special. They were so excited to give it to him when he got home Friday. It was precious.

After soccer and football games on Saturday, Justin and Lindsay brought their family down from Heber so that he could take some awesome photos of Noelle.  I cannot wait to see them. She was really good for the majority of the time.

Then Bart and Monica came over and the six of us went on a dinner date to Rodizio Grill, a Brazilian steakhouse. It is the American man's dream. Endless streams of tender, juicy meat brought right to your table. The men folk were pretty darn happy and feasted mightily.

The wait staff then came over at the end of dinner and sang a happy birthday tune to Rinar, Brazilian style.  None of us knew the words to join in except for Rinar. He lustily sang along. It was fun.

It is a joy to be able to celebrate the things in life with good friends. We are very blessed.

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kristen said...

I am a dork and lost your phone #. I need to reschedule, call or text please!!!!!

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