Friday, October 25, 2013

Cornbelly's and DSi's

Autumn has just flown by and left me. Boo hoo. Kind of sad because it is my very favorite time of year. I love the colors and the cool weather and the fun activities. But when you have a baby, things really do pass you by quickly. I have been hiding out in my room for the last month.

Today I emerged! I took my kids to Cornbelly's, an autumn carnival at Thanksgiving Point. There is a corn maze and tons of activities, games and rides. 

I think these critters had a lot of fun. They got to play on bouncy things, swings, slides, and we even took a stab at the corn maze...but that did not last that long.  I got no complaints, though, because right before we entered the vast maze, I had given everyone a ring pop.  The three little ones marched along, completely enraptured in the sugar wrapped around their fingers.

And then we came home and the kids did a great job of cleaning up the house. Zach had worked hard to earn money for a new DSi over the past several months, because the one we bought him last year got broken.  He searched hard on Amazon and found a used one that was a great price.  It finally came in the mail in the middle of the week, but since it was the middle of the week and I didn't want him to get distracted from school, I didn't let him play it. Finally, after the house was cleaned up I let him play his new DS.  And then when Rinar got home from his week of traveling and everyone was getting ready to go to bed, the poor kid dropped his DS again. He killed two DSi's the same way, by accidentally dropping them both.  Zach was inconsolable. Poor thing. I feel so bad for him. He had earned that money and spent it all on this electronic contraption and on the first day he accidentally breaks it.

The good thing about this is that he really feels it because he earned the money and worked hard for it. It really meant something to him. This is a good thing. Now, what are we going to do as parents to help him out?  I guess we will be buying him another one.

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Shannon said...

Poor guy, check out this site We have sent in three different DS for repair and they were able to get them fixed and working again. It should be quite a bit cheaper than buying a new one. God luck!

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