Monday, October 14, 2013


My boys have all become obsessed with Legos.  Eli will play with them for hours on end, never getting tired of it.  He wakes up in the morning and as soon as he can, he heads down to the basement. The kid just loves Legos.  Harry is following his big brother's lead and is becoming as obsessed. And I just love it! What a great thing to get absorbed in. 

When we go to the library, they only check out Lego books and then Eli will take them home and try to recreate what he sees in the books.  And he is pretty darn good at it. I can't believe some of the stuff he has made.  And once he makes it, you have to take pictures of it and tell him how awesome he is and that he is a Lego master.  Darn right he is!

Just days before my eminent hospital stay, I saw a news report about a new Lego store that had just opened up in the valley. Considering the fact that my kids were going house crazy and that it was raining, I decided it was time for a field trip.  We left the oldest at home to work on school stuff and headed out to this surprise.  

Oh my word. If I had to guess what heaven looks like for a five year-old boy, this store would pretty much encapsulate it.  Eli was in heaven and as a matter-of-fact, Harry was pretty darn happy as well. They stared longingly at all the different sets, eager to put their little hands on them.  I just couldn't help myself and let them each pick out a small set. They were joyful.

I think it is money well spent.  Look at what this kid can build!  That is a snake and the long tail bends all the way through.  The head even moves. He did that all by himself.  And Raef built a super-cool tree.  Eli has good mentors to help him along.

We love Legos. Now with each creation, Harry and Eli take them upstairs and put them on the nightstand in their room.  I turn the light down low and they play with them as they are winding down for sleep.  The Legos are much beloved.

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