Wednesday, October 30, 2013

15 Years

Rinar reached a big milestone this year. 15 years with Fidelity. And since we are now here in Utah he was able to go to the fancy schmancy dinner they do for all the tenured employees who reach employment milestones, like 10, 15, 20, etc.  The dinner was at the Natural History Museum up at the U. It is a brand new building and it is truly spectacular.  

The lobby was full of food, drinks, desserts, and horrific live elevator music.  Besides the music, the night was quite a lot of fun. Rinar knew tons of people there and there was some good stuff that came out of the night. Namely, my conversation with one of Rinar's co-workers that will probably secure me a trip to Hawaii next year. It is all about networking, people!  Really, one of his peers goes to Hawaii for a client thing once a year and Rinar needs to go. And if Rinar needs to go, so do I!

We also talked to Kathy Murphy, the president of Fidelity personal investment. She made Forbes list of most powerful women. She is a really nice lady and it was fun to chat with her.

It is gratifying to see Rinar in his element. He is very talented and much beloved and I am a proud wife.

Way to go, honey!

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