Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Little Fishing Trip

Rinar went on his annual fishing trip with his brothers a few weeks ago.  He actually came home with a bunch of trout for our family to enjoy.  Eli has a thing for fish. He just loves it. Salmon is his favorite, but he was especially enamored with dad's home caught meal.  Eli was amazed that dad caught the fish all by himself.

So naturally, Eli wanted to go fishing too.  And he meant it. He reminded Rinar all week to take him fishing. As luck would have it, August 31 was a no-game day.  Raef and Eli both did not have games, so Rinar took the three little ones fishing.  Amazingly enough, there is a little fishing pond in Draper made specifically for little kids.

After stopping at the store to get the necessary fishing treats, the four of them were off to the pond.

And they all caught a fish.  Not going to be eating them for dinner or anything, but they were all happy to catch something.What a sweet moment with their daddy.

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Anonymous said...

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