Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First Time Kokopelli

One proud Mama moment, right here.

Rinar asked Zach a few months ago if he would like to do a triathlon, and Zach was eager and willing.  He trained a little bit every week and was able to do some bricks with Rinar: a bike and a run.  It was great bonding time for the two of them.  Zach was very excited for this triathlon, the Kokopelli in St. George, Utah. He would tell everyone that he does triathlons.  I guess it is now his thing.

Raef has always been the sporty one with football and basketball. Zach is more likely to be playing the piano or reading a book.  But now he has something physical that he can do. I just love it.

The race was this last Saturday. They all got up really early. Unfortunately, I couldn't go because of Raef's football game. We had to divide and conquer.

Here he is getting ready to light up the swim. One minute before the race started, Zach scraped his toe pretty bad and it was bleeding. Rinar raced up to the paramedic for a bandage and he got it all doctored up just in time. Then they were off.

After the swim, Zach was off on his bike. His transitions were really good because he just swam in his running clothes. It worked out really well.

His bike is really heavy, so the bike time will definitely get better with an equipment upgrade. But he made up for it with his run.  His mile time was 8:09.  I am pretty darn impressed with that.  I think he has a future in running, for sure. He finished 6th in his age group and was really close to a podium finish.  I think if we work on it, he will get a lot better quickly.

Rinar also participated in the sprint triathlon. So both my boys got a medal.  Way to go, Zach and Rinar.

Eli went along for this little trip also. He was able to have some fun cousin time with Tru.  Then when they headed for home, Eli slept most of the way. He was one tired kid from waking up so early and playing hard.

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