Wednesday, September 18, 2013


What a blessing it is in life to reconnect with old friends.  About a month ago, I went to the dermatologist's office for a routine check up.  While I was sitting in the room waiting for the doctor, I got a huge surprise.  The PA was a good friend from our Atlanta days, Steve A. We went with his wife Michele and another couple on a few Thanksgiving trips. The first year we went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the next year it was at a beach house in Destin, Florida.  It was so much fun.

I contacted Michele and we set up a dinner date, which happened to fall on my birthday.  It was so much fun and they live pretty close to us. Their kids played with ours really well and we were able to catch up on old times.  

Rinar used to play tennis with Steve a lot while we lived in Atlanta. I have a feeling the tennis matches will resume pretty soon.

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