Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunset Friends

Ever since the first day we moved to Utah, I have been without a laptop. It is really cramping my style. With a laptop, it equals blogging freedom. I could just pull it out whenever I got the fancy, usually right before I go to bed and blog about some little nuance of the day. Now, blogging has to be done with intention as I have to actually go down 14 whole steps to the computer room to blog stuff. Yikes. It is really getting away from me. But I am determined to keep my blog up to date for the posterity of my family. They love reading my blog books and I love having them. I do it all for the book!

In July, we had the pleasure of a visit from Keri and Jeff P. and their family. They now live in Maryland and are loving life. We got to know them in Las Vegas and had many wonderful years with their family.  They just happened to be passing through and stopped for dinner and a visit.  So, I made sure to invite Lindsay B. and her family as well. Lindsay was also in the Sunset Ward in Vegas and we were all there together.

Front: Briahna, Kinley, Abbie, Ali, Eli, Harry, Julia, Lorelei. Back: Breken, Lindsay, Raef, Mason, MacKenna, Bryson, Zach, Jeff, and Keri

This was so much fun.  I remember the first time I met Keri. It was at the park in Henderson for a playgroup. She was chasing Mason around (he was a runner) while pregnant with Bryson and carrying MacKenna in a baby carrier. Man, I thought this woman is some kind of crazy. Actually, I don't think my opinion of her has ever changed. She amazes me with her craziness.  A woman to be greatly admired.  We just love these families and are so blessed that they have been a part of our lives for such a long period of time.

After the Paul's left, Lindsay and I were hanging and started talking about amazing thrift store finds. I told her about my sweet living room chairs I had found at the downtown Salt Lake DI and that there were still a bunch left. She called them and found out that they still had some chairs left. So, naturally, we left all of the kids with Rinar to get in some last minute thrift store shopping. And lucky we left when we did, because we only had about 20 minutes in the store.  And then Lindsay went bananas. Not only did the guy mark down every piece of furniture she bought, but the girl got the two chairs, a large couch, an end table and a book shelf.  I was worried that it would not all fit in my truck.  But Lindsay is a girl of fortune and it worked out great.

This girl is out of control. And I just love it!

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