Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Braved the Great Salt Lake

There is always something adventurous to do in your own backyard. Now this may not look very adventurous, but I would really put it right up there: swimming in the Great Salt Lake.

I think it would be safe to say that the Great Salt Lake is not a big beach destination for anyone.  And there is a good reason for that.

I got a surprise email from my homeschool friend Kelly R. She lives in Reno and her family is top-notch.  They were planning a trip to Yellowstone and wanted to make a stop in Salt Lake City, because their oldest son Adam really wanted to swim in the Great Salt Lake.  Crazy kid.  He had heard that you really float in the water and he wanted to try it out.

We were game. They got to our house Sunday, August 4, late. Then after a delicious pancake breakfast, we hit the road for Antelope Island, which is on the way to Yellowstone.

Antelope Island has a lot of wildlife living there, including a herd of bison.  And yes, we did get to see one bison out on the lonely prairie.

After a buffalo burger lunch, everyone headed down to the "beach". 

As you arrive at the seashore, you are greeted by a phalanx of tiny flies: the official welcoming committee of this wondrous body of uber-salty water.  I walked past them as fast as I could. It was like Moses parting the Red Sea.  The water is pretty shallow and nice and warm.  And there are these tiny krill floating everywhere in the water.  That is all that can live in this exceptionally salty water.

I was a little late to the swimming party and had to walk out quite a ways to where everyone was. I also was commanded to bring a towel because if you get any water near your eyes, it does not feel so good.

This is Gabrielle floating, toes high up out of the water.

And Rachel. She just loved the floating action.

Marc was not as thrilled as his kids were about being in the lake, but he was still a good sport.

Kelly wasn't going to miss the chance to float. She did it but then she was out of there.

And Zach...

Oh look. There is Marc. Look at those feet!

When I started walking out of the lake, I started to panic just a tiny bit inside of myself.  The whole idea of it just started to gross me out. And then I waited for those rotten kids to get out of the water and they sure took their time. Meanwhile, those Moses flies started attacking me, coating me, harassing me.  I almost went bonkers.  

Forget water boarding. This lake is really America's answer to updated, humane torture techniques. At least I think so.

We made sure to get a picture with everyone before we parted ways. I hope they come back soon. We just love this family.  Hey, they love to ski and I have heard the skiing is fairly good around here.

But in all seriousness, everyone must swim in the Great Salt Lake one time in their lives.  I did my tour of duty, and it was a worthwhile, fun adventure.

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e m i l y said...

As a kid my family had a sailboat out there. (My dad also restored the saltair building in the 1980's before the big flood).

Anywho, back to the sailing, we used to tie tubes on the back of the sailboat and for some reason we would get in. I remember it was disgusting. I remember when we'd get towed through the sea of brine shrimp and you'd just close your eyes and try to pretend you were in a regular lake. But the stinging of eyes! Any hangnail would burn with the salt water! Ya, I've done it. Don't need to do it again. :)

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