Friday, August 23, 2013

Weapon of Mass Cuteness

Eli has learned how to wield a very powerful weapon against his mommy: cuteness.  About a month ago, I was resting on my bed and he comes in and lays down next to me.  Then he says, "Mom, since I am the cutest boy in the world, can I have some ice cream?"


I couldn't help but start laughing pretty hard.  I mean, really. How could I possibly disagree with this well thought out argument?  He knew it and he knew that I knew it.  I was powerless against those greenish blue eyes, long black lashes, and cherubic cheeks.

So now, he has his cute face and he whips it out whenever he needs something from mom.  It always includes a head tilt to the right, the faint squint of his eyes and an adorable little smirk.

This kid is good.

It seems to be contagious, because all three of them know how to turn on the charm.

Eli thoroughly enjoyed two scoops of cookies 'n' cream.

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