Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Happy Easter

On Saturday, Rinar took Raef, Zach, and Eli to Sky Tavern to go skiing. I took Harry and Julia to an Easter Egg Hunt. Our friends Molly and Jimmy hosted a little shindig at their house.  There were lots of kids there from church and the neighborhood. Everyone brought twelve eggs per kid and then they could go hunt for twelve. 

Before the hunt, there were donuts and Julia made sure to lick off all of the chocolate.  Her face can attest to that. I didn't have a wipe or anything so it just stayed on her face for a while. 

Notice their "Easter" bags. What can I say? I really like to go all out for  holiday events.

Harry and Julia were a bit bewildered at the start of the hunt, but it didn't take them very long to figure it out.  Once they got their quota, they plopped down on the grass and proceeded to eat almost all of the candy. It wasn't that much and I was happy because they were quiet and peaceful. Aaaahhh! I could breathe for a minute. 

It was a fun morning with my little ones.

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Life with Kaishon said...

It sounds like a very fun morning : ) I am glad you let her keep her chocolate face : ) Life is too short to have a perfectly clean face every second, right? : )

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