Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Candy Sorting Game

I thought this was really cute.  Harry loves this tricycle and he can be a bit demonic as he drives it around the house. The kid is fast and relentless.  But today he upped his game by taking his sister for a spin.  She was comfortably sitting on the back, holding on to Harry with her feet off the ground.  He gets around the place Fred Flintstone-style.

After they were done riding around, I broke out the muffin tins.  I got a bunch of Sixlets and then punched out construction paper in colors that matched the candy.  After piling an assortment into one of the muffin tin compartments, the kids went to town sorting them into the correct cups.  

They did it a few times and then ate all of the candy.  This game is a big hit and very easy to put together. Of course, I am now out of Sixlets, so I have to get some more.



NormaKimokeo said...

What a GREAT idea for a learning game!! Love it.

Zana said...

very cute. So excited for you and the future move!

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