Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock's Inspiration

For the past week, our family has greatly benefited from living out in nature. You might not know this, but we live in a beautiful house at about 6500 feet in the Sierra Nevadas.  The design of the house really embraces the outdoors because there are copious amounts of windows. They are big and beautiful and it enables optimal views of the trees and grass and mountains and the birds.

Birds...oh, like this one, let's just say.

This looks like a nice bird, right?  

But I am beginning to have a sneaky suspicion that Alfred Hitchcock, or his brother, or mom, or some cousin of his must have lived in the house before us.  Okay, the house is not that old, but Mr. Hitchcock might have lived around the corner and been inspired by a run-in with that robin I just showed you.

Every morning at about 6:30 am this robin tries to get into the house.  It hits the window repeatedly in our room in an effort to penetrate our mountain fortress.  Bang, bang, bop, bang, bang, bang.  

Then the clatter stops.  Five seconds later, he is testing the strength of the bathroom window. Bang, bang, bang, bop, bang, bang.

Then it is on to Harry and Eli's room. Bang, bang, bang, bop, bang, bang.

The robin then reassesses our room once again. Lucky for him, we have three windows in our room and all of them need to be checked, of course.

Bang, bang, bang, bop, bang, bang.

Don't worry, after about an hour the robin comes to his senses and stops.  I even had a stare down with this robin the other day. I flung up the shade and saw his little head peaking over the top of the window sill.  I looked at him sternly.  He looked back and said to me in not so many words, "What? You got a problem, lady?"

What could I say?  I didn't have any wings of my own handy so that I could go outside and hunt the little bugger down and put him in time out.

I am defenseless.

He knows it.

I will just throw away that alarm clock tomorrow.

Bang, bang, bang, bop, bang, bang.

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