Monday, March 19, 2012

Ski For the First Time

Last Saturday Rinar took Raef, Zach, and Eli up to Sky Tavern to ski for the very first time.  I stayed home with the little ones.  It was a trying experience for everyone, except Eli. I think they got somewhat frustrated.  But they stuck with it and still had a good time.  

It was even Rinar's first time and it didn't come so naturally to him either. But in the end, I think he went up the ski lift and had a successful run down the hill.  Raef went up pretty high as well and just flew down the hill.  Luckily he is still in one piece. 

The winter has still been a bummer, overall.  They were supposed to ski this past Saturday but it got canceled because it snowed and they didn't have the parking lot cleared.  Hopefully the snow will stay for a few more weeks and doesn't melt away before they really get the hang of it.

I am just grateful they have had the opportunity to give it a try.


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