Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's the Little Things That Count

Julia got some hand-me-down clothes from a friend of mine, including this adorable pajama set, a silky two piece Little Mermaid outfit, with puffy sleeves and all. She loves it. She felt so pretty and it was fun to see her run around in this. 


And I am not one to squelch individuality around here. The sooner these kids learn to do it on their own, the easier it gets for me.  You know, it is the little things that really add up to big changes.  Potty-training would be an obvious example.  The more ignorant I become of their bathroom exploits, the happier I am.

It is also those little things like being able to get their own water, or a snack, or scrub the toilets that really puts a smile on my face.

Eli is definitely exhibiting more independence everyday. He is getting better at putting his own clothes on.  Take for example this picture...


He selected this outfit and put it on.  I didn't really notice the pants until we got to co-op.  Yes, they were backwards, were riddled with knee holes...but they covered him. Why should I get mired down into frivolous details?

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