Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A New Fun Game

On our epic drive back from Tucson, we had to get creative with recreational activities for the kids when we would stop to take a break. From Tucson to Las Vegas, there are only a couple of places to stop. And it is even more barren from Vegas to Reno. There are literally three towns on the way, with facilities.  And the road is almost endless.  

In Wikieup, Arizona, Rinar started a new game with the kids.  They went to the side of the road in front of the gas station and would wave at the trucks to get them to honk.  They had a lot of fun. We must have been quite a sight out there in the middle of nowhere.  Five little blonde children waving and cheering at the cars.

This picture was taken in Hawthorne, Nevada, which is about two hours south of Reno.  The kids had a blast. The first car that drove by was the sheriff. Sure enough...five very enthusiastic kids waving at him vigorously. He was a good sport and turned his siren on briefly. It was like Christmas when a semi would honk at them.

After a few days of decompressing, I decided we really needed to get out of the house. The weather has been so beautiful.  So of course, I took the kids on a little drive.  We went down to Genoa, Nevada. It is such a cute, little town.  They have one tourist attraction there...the Mormon Station. It was a fort and supply station for emigrants on the California Trail. There is a museum and it costs $1, and I didn't even have $1. So we just played out on the grass.  That is fine, because museums are not really compatible with my family at the moment.

Look, these two love each other!  And speaking of Harry, he was the most clingy thing today. He must have given over a hundred kisses and at least as many hugs.  There was a huge smile plastered on his face. And when he wasn't smiling, he was crying buckets.  There was no in between.

I turned my back for a second and when I looked around, this is what I found my kids doing. The street was not busy at all, so it was pretty safe. But, that car waving game sure has resonated with all of my kids. They knew just what to do and got most of the cars to honk at them.  I think I might have a traveling act. I could put them on a busy city intersection and in about 1 year, I could retire.  Hmmm...the possibilities are endless.

Eli was so proud of himself. He climbed up there all on his own.

It was a fun and simple day.

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Hoku said...

Love the game; what a great idea! It's so... Rinar! Haha!

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