Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My "Helpless" Princess

On Monday, I took all of the little ones to Raef's baseball game. Rinar was out of town, so we made the best of it. At the back of the field there is a little hill that rolls down to the fence.  Harry, Eli, and Julia had a lot of fun rolling down the grassy hill. Then I started to notice something that intrigued me and bothered me all at the same time.

Julia played the helpless victim and had to be "rescued" by her brothers...over and over and over again.  "Help! Help!"  She would lie there like a little princess as her brothers would come storming towards her.  I was baffled.  Where in the world did she learn to do that? I thought of media she has absorbed that would have taught her to role play in that manner.  But really, nothing came to mind.

I remember watching another little girl at some park doing the exact same thing when she was playing with my little boys. I was a bit judgemental, thinking of what kind of crap was she watching or being to taught to act so helplessly. Little did I know.

This brings me to Tuesday. We were at the church waiting for Cub Scouts to end and they were playing in the gym.  Once again, Julia would purposely put herself in a position where she had to be "rescued".  What is going on with my little girl? Where is this coming from?

Or could it be one of those innate girl things? They just know to do it, just like they want to wear pink and put on lipstick?  (She does those things too.)  

I then had a startling realization. I do the same thing!  When I have a hard day with the kids, who do I call to rescue me? Yep. Rinar. When I can't find something or don't want to deal with some task, who rescues me?  You got it. Rinar! who could have taught her to be a helpless princess?


Hoku said...

Heavenly Father. I'm sure it's probably in the DNA.

bk said...

hahaha! funny post.

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