Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here Is Something Else I Really Need

A lot of funny stuff goes around the Facebook circuit.  But this little saying really struck a nerve...

"Therapy is expensive. Poppin' bubble wrap is cheap. You choose."

My non-Mormon homeschooling friend Jennifer always gives me a hard time because I have so much wheat and general food storage items in my home.  She thinks that us Mormons are crazy-paranoid.  I think she may have a point. We actually have an entire Sunday lesson about crazy-paranoid food storage/emergency preparedness.  Anyways, I am realizing that my food storage is missing one very important component.

I am going to order a year's supply of bubble wrap. You just never know when it will come in handy. Hey, maybe I will be able to find it at Goodwill!

1 comment:

likeschocolate said...

Thanks for making me laugh! My food storage includes chocolate-does yours?

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