Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving In Day

We stayed in our new house last night. It was great. One full day in a house. No more apartment. Hallelujah! It makes me so happy. I can tell that the kids are happy as well. There is lots of room to play and explore.  But whoa, moving in is quite the ordeal.  Since we are renting this house, I do not relish the thought of having to move all of our stuff again. Yikes.

I am going to put that thought out of my mind and just be grateful that we are here and our journey is almost done. By living in this house, we are going to have the Reno experience. It is an incredible house. I am so grateful that we can stay here.  The views are gorgeous. As we sat down to dinner tonight for the first time, I was able to enjoy a mountain view as the sun was setting. The pine trees framed in the mountains and there were quail running around in our driveway. It was very relaxing. There were also some deer out there earlier in the day.

I was able to get my entire kitchen set up.  I then started to tackle some closets and such. Unfortunately, the kids helped unpack the family room so it looks like a toy bomb exploded in there.

I am actually surprised, but our furniture fits really well in this house. I was able to play some piano tonight, and the acoustics in the living room are great. I can't wait to hear my boys play their instruments in there. It should be beautiful.

Tomorrow will be my first day to do my new calling as the Primary Chorister. It should be fun. The ward seems to have a dearth of musical talent, so we will see what can be done about that. I am sure it is there, I am just going to have to do a little bit of digging.

Welcome to Reno, for real!


likeschocolate said...

Congratulations! Wishing you many happy blessings to come in your new home.

Zana said...

Yay...doesn't it feel good to be in new space! Nice job on your condo too, very fun :)

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