Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Family Reunion - Part III (The End)

This is the last bit of pictures from the reunion. We took some individual family photographs from our backyard. That's right people. This is my back yard.  It is quite a bit different from the cinder block monolith I was greeted with every morning for the last 7 years in Vegas. Now my "fence" is the Sierra Nevadas.

Lyf's family

My family

Lani's family

The Grandparents

Nordel's family
 Aislinn's family was the only missing component to our family reunion. Well, her and Lani's son Jazon.

We then headed to Virginia City for some serious tourist stuff. Everyone had a lot of fun. I am sorry to say that I did not revisit the librarian.  But we did find candy in other locations along the boardwalk.  Plus, this time I had my wagon. Hello, long, lost friend. It is good to see and use you again.

Since Raef, Zach, and I had already done a mine tour, we waited around while everyone else headed over to check it out.  

They also panned for gold while they waited. I think Bryn actually found a few flakes.

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