Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Destiny of Serendipity

It was destiny, a serendipitous fulfillment of fate. When I was about 3 years old, I have a distinct childhood memory of many women coming to our little apartment in Provo, Utah. They were working on some kind of pink blanket. There was talking, and laughing, and just a subtle busyness I could sense, even at 3. How was I to know that it was all for me and my older sister Christi?

My mom made matching quilts for us. The bottom was a solid pink that she used as tablecloths at her wedding. Then she had this adorable flower print that was perfect for two little girls that she put on the other side.  They tied it with yarn. The women used pink for me and white for Christi so that you could tell them apart.

Then those two vibrant quilts went on a journey. First it was from apartment to apartment in Utah and then carried all the way to the eastern shores to North Carolina. They were taken on camping trips and sleepovers. They were used as tents and fortresses, cuddlers and comforters in times of distress. They went to track meets and basketball tournaments and long, icy journeys to Western Kentucky. Those two blankets went everywhere and they were loved. To. Death.


Last week I went on a thrift store shopping excursion with Angie and Brooke, my two super-cool sister-in-laws.  Angie is a thorough shopper, where I would have called it quits much sooner than she.  But because I lingered, there it was...winking at me from across the aisle. I couldn't believe me eyes. I dashed across the Goodwill store, and lovingly embraced a fitted sheet that had to be at least 32 years old.  My sheet. The pattern of my life. My childhood.

And not only was there a fitted sheet, there was a flat sheet as well. I think I could have cried. I quickly gathered my treasure and put it in my cart. I took a picture of it and texted a picture of it to Christi and Heather. Christi texted me back and I could feel the tears oozing through my phone. 

"I WANT IT!!!", she yelled at me.

Too bad.  They are mine! All mine!!!!

So, if you are ever in a thrift store and you see this particular sheet set, I know a lady who lives in Arizona that would pay you big bucks for it.  

But mine are not for sale!

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Cynthia said...

That is so awesome! What an amazing find! I wish I could find the fabric my childhood quilt was made out of. I assume you'll make a new quilt out of them?

I made my kids each a Minky blanket and I've been shocked at how much they love them. Even the 11 year olds sleep with their cuddly softness every night. Even ended up making the Hubs one for Christmas. Now I need one too!

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