Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pacific Coast Highway

Here is a view of the Oregon coast as we embarked on our little road trip from Gleneden Beach, Oregon to Reno.  We headed south down the Pacific Coast Highway and soaked in the views and many times got soaked in the process.

There we are...fresh and ready to go.  The car is clean and fully stocked.

We did the tourist trap thing along the way. The sign promised the BIGGEST sea lion cave in the world.  There they are in this sea cove. It was really loud, like a cocktail party and pretty stinky. I couldn't use the flash on my camera, but they are there.  It only cost us $48 to spend about 15 minutes to see this.  My kids were not really into this.

We stayed at the Best Western in Crescent City, California.

This is the "Big Tree" in the Redwood forest. Yep, it was pretty big. Now we had to go see if we could find any Ewoks.  Are they on the endangered species list?

Zach tried to find a four-leaf clover.

This is pretty much the exact opposite of Las Vegas.  It was so beautiful

Take a look...Eli actually wore a coat! I even found him some boots at the Goodwill in Lincoln, Oregon. He loves the boots.

Northern California is so beautiful. It is breathtaking.

The next day we stopped in Sacramento.  The old town is really cool. I would like to go there again when I have more time and am not so harried from being in a car forever. This is in the train museum. I thoroughly enjoyed it because I had read Stephen Ambrose's book, "Nothing Like It In the World".

But the kids LOVED the train tables. They played there for quite a while.

But all good things must come to an end. She was getting very tired.

Doesn't old Sacramento look cool. The Sacramento River is behind those buildings on the left.  I also noticed lots of thrift stores and an IKEA as we were leaving. Yep, I will be going back to Sacramento soon. It is less than 2 hours away. It would be a good day trip.

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