Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out and About

We completed a successful homeschooling week and were able to add a few fun things into the  mix. On Thursday I took all of the kids to the children's museum in Carson City. We went in the morning. It took about 20 minutes to drive there and it was very beautiful. It was a bit cold and a little snowy, but overall, it was not to bad.  The museum is very small but it was perfect.  It is an old civic auditorium, so the museum was all on one floor. The kids had loads of fun for several hours. Children are not sophisticated. They can enjoy life's simple pleasures.

The babies get very excited when we ask them if they want to take a bath after dinner. They race to the bathroom and stand expectantly at the tub, waiting to hit the water.  We have very little in corporate housing, so Rinar improvised with a bowl set. I guess it was a hit.

 Yesterday, we decided to go see the countryside. We have nothing else to do. The most logical place to go was Lake Tahoe. We just drove around for a bit and then stopped at a state park near South Lake Tahoe.  It was so beautiful and we look forward to enjoying it during the summer.

This is out in front of the common area at our corporate housing There is a playground just off to the right and the kids enjoy playing there quite often.

 Eli is really starting to take care of Julia and Harry. Here he is sharing his popsicle with both of them.


likeschocolate said...

Have you guys found a house yet? I lived in Lake Tahoe for 4 years when I was a child. Such a beautiful place.

Kelly said...

Yes, it is available June 1st.

Photo said...

Alright, you know how you make fun of us for complaining about how hot Vegas is? I laughed my head off when I saw Zack in that picture and then Eli in shorts. Sack looks like he is in Antarctica! I love it!

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