Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Downtown Reno

First of all...school is back in session. These two boys were ready to crack open those books again. And now since we have nothing going on around here, we are going to hit the books hard for the next few months.  Every morning when we start, I always ask them, "Are you ready to get smarter today?"

They are getting smarter every day!

After several hours of schoolwork, we decided to do a little bit of exploring. I took them downtown. Downtown Reno is pretty darn cool. It is soooo much different than downtown Las Vegas. You don't take your kids to downtown Las Vegas unless you have a specific reason to go.  But in Reno, the Truckee river cuts right through the center of town.  We hung out by the river for a little bit and they had fun throwing sticks and rocks into the river. We also watched kayakers practicing on the white water.

Eli made a sword out of a belt. It was pretty cute. He took it along while we walked around.  I guess when you are a boy, everything is a weapon, right?

1 comment:

bk said...

i admire that you can take five little kids out in public by yourself. i'll definitely be asking for tips in the future.

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