Sunday, April 3, 2011

Donny and Marie Show

Well, this was very unexpected. After I dropped Rinar off in Reno and stayed there a couple of days to recuperate from our whirlwind road trip (blog entry will soon follow), I headed back to Las Vegas on Thursday, the 23rd.  I stayed at the Bishop's with my three little ones, and Raef and Zach spent one night at Jen M.'s house and the next night at Lindsay's house.

On Friday night, Lindsay talked me into going with the girls to see Donny and Marie. Apparently, a big group canceled at the last minute, and since we have several connections to the show through our ward, we got the hook up.  I went with Jen M., Cyntha B., Lindsay B., Keri P., and Jill S.  Look at my fine lady friends.

Jen drove and we all rode together. Keri was the navigator and Jen dubbed her the "lady of Las Vegas".  I thought the title was probably not one you would want to have for this town, but we all knew what she really meant.

The show was a lot of fun. We first were seated up high in the nose-bleed seats, but Keri and Jill got us moved up really close to the stage!  And surprisingly enough, we were the loudest table there. Hey, it wasn't me! It was Jen and Keri. They were the ring leaders, for real.

When we were waiting for the car, we realized that between the six of us, we have 25.5 children.  Cyntha has one on the way.  Can you believe that?  Just a few years ago it was like 5 kids and now, wow!

I think that half of our ward was there.  It was fun to see everyone and people were really surprised to see me.  

We went to Lindsay's house after the show and ate junk food and hung out.

The best part?  Rich and Elaine watched my kids and put them all to bed.  Woot! Woot!


roxanibus said...

Look at you! Hot Mama! You look great! Glad you had a good time, might have to check that show out when we head up there in June...

Hoku said...

Kelly, you're lookin good! And I absolutely BELIEVE that you were the loudest table... but I have a hard time believing that you weren't the loudest one AT the loudest table. Hehe. ;) (And I love all the pics you include in your blogs!)

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