Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Thought on the Road

When you have 5 kids and are traipsing through liberal-land, it is almost like you are on another planet. We went through Northern California today.  At the gas station in the Redwood Forest area, the Subaru Outback (of course!) in front of us had bumper stickers that were so offensive to everything I believe and hold dear, I just had to laugh and feel sorry for the curmudgeonly old broad who was sporting them.

One bumper sticker said, "6 Billion Miracles Are Enough". I almost wanted to have all five of my snot-nosed, sugar-encrusted kids go up and give her a great big, tree-loving hug. She might have melted like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz!

"AAAAHHHHHH, I'm melting!!!! Melting!!!! Melting!!!!"

All of my kids piled out of the car like the clowns in a circus act and tumbled into the Chevron.  I was kind of waiting around because I wanted to see what a person like that actually looked like.  And then, there she was.  She tried her best to avoid eye contact with me.  But in my most cheery, global-warming induced, soldier-saluting voice, I said hello.  She shrunk in terror like a rat exposed to sunlight and hurried on her way. 

Besides that, the drive on the 101 from Oregon to Napa is just gorgeous and totally the opposite of the drive from Las Vegas to Reno.  We did a little hike on one of the Redwood Trails and of course I stopped at the visitors center to get a stamp for my National Parks passport.

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Meridy said...

LOL! Good for you for saying "Hi!" to her. :)

Sounds like a beautiful road trip.

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