Monday, March 21, 2011

Jamie's Wedding - Part One

I am going to have to blog this in two parts because I am on vacation now and the computer is slow.  I was able to get these photos up before my connection konked out.

There he is, my brother Jamie with his new bride Leah. They have just walked out of the Portland temple. Shockingly, it was overcast and drizzling here in Oregon. No vampires were glistening on their wedding day, for sure.
There goes my crew on their way to the temple. They got to wait in the foyer. It really didn't take very long.
Nevertheless, they weren't that happy as you can see.  You know, a song comes to mind when I look at this photo. does it go?  Oh yeah!  "I love to see the temple, I 'm going there someday, to feel the Holy Spirit..."  Oh, you get the idea.
Harry just kept on feeling the Holy Spirit.  He was overcome by it, as you can see.

Here is my sister Catye and my Mom, and Grandma Wilma.  This was shot in the temple atrium right after the ceremony.

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bk said...

cracking up at your caption of harry being overcome by the spirit, hahaha

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