Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Funny Part is at the End of the Post

Unfortunately, this post will not be accompanied by any pictures, but I would like to share with you anyways. We had friends over for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. That is always a lot of fun and then we headed to St. George in the evening.  Friday is Rinar's family Thanksgiving dinner. We surrendered Thursday to spouses' families and it seems to work out really well.  During dinner Rinar presented me with an envelope and in it was a stack of papers with pictures to give me clues to a big surprise he had for me.

He took me to Salt Lake City. And he told me we were leaving in 15 minutes. All of his siblings took the kids for us, plus my good friend Debbie from Atlanta. Then we hit the road. He had rented an SUV for the trip because the roads were treacherous.

And why did he take me there? That's right...to see Utah play their big rivalry game against BYU. We stayed at Jared's hotel, had dinner with my brother and his fiance Leah, and then went to the game the next day. Let me tell you it was cold and I was miserable. Not because of the weather, but because Utah was playing terribly! Ach! Then they came alive in the last quarter and we ended up winning by one point, because we blocked a field goal in the last seconds of the game.

It was GLORIOUS!!!!

We then went to an art exhibit at BYU (ironically) with our old friends from Salt Lake, Brian and Kristen. I had actually seen him at the game and we set it up when we were there. It was an exhibit on Carl Bloch and it was very moving. We got burgers and fries afterward.

The trip was a big success and even though there was a pretty significant snowstorm on the trip home, we were only delayed by about an hour.


Now I am back to the grind. In other words, we did a lot of schoolwork today and on a completely unrelated topic to that, I did a lot of yelling today as well.

Eli joined in on the screamfest and I finally banished him to his room for a nap. He told me emphatically, “Eli no nap!” but I was not convinced. I checked on him about 90 minutes later and sure enough he was asleep...sitting on the toilet...half naked...slumped down to the side frozen like a statue. Even when I moved him, he never cracked an eyelid. Mommy knows best.

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Jess said...

and someday. someday they will realize that mommy knows best... =) SOunds like a fun time... what a cool suprise!!

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