Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Cake, FINALLY!

Okay, we did this yesterday.  That means it was in October and since the babies were born in October it totally counts.  Plus, their due date was October 30th so I was probably more accurate in doing this yesterday than on the 5th anyhow.

As a side note, as I was making the cakes Eli came into the kitchen. He made his very astute observation while I was licking the frosting spoon. Hey, I had to test the frosting to make sure it tasted okay.  It is what any good baker would do.  
Eli said, "Dinner?"

Ha, ha. What a riot?  You think I would actually feed my kids cake for dinner?  Okay, never mind.

Raef insisted on decorating the tops with a 1.  I relented and it turned out as good as I expected.

Right after this he pushed it away. Sugar must have been overloading his brain.
But then he got a second wind.

I thought for sure Harry would be my cake champion. But I think I am going to have to give the title to Eli. He did a much better job of wreaking havoc on his birthday cake.  Harry was a solid second place.


likeschocolate said...

Happy Birthday little ones!

Brook and Chad said...

Very cute... you are a good mama...

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