Friday, November 19, 2010

O'Callaghan Park Friday and the Runaway Wagon

 We had a great day today. I was so productive and I am even posting these pictures from our visit to the park today. I take the kids to the park every Friday to be a part of a homeschool playgroup. You know, got to get those kids socialized and everything.  Apparently, all homeschoolers are terribly awkward and unable to be a part of society, so I have to schedule in the socializing so that they can learn how to do it.

Therefore, we go to park day with all the other "weird" homeschoolers.

I actually participate in two homeschool support groups. We meet on Tuesdays and Fridays and this is my Friday SEEK group.  SEEK is a homeschool co-op. We get together on Mondays and do school together at a private school that is closed on Mondays. It is great. We have met the last two Fridays to discuss some restructuring we plan to do with our group. I am excited for the new program and how it will be implemented. It is going to be awesome and it will set a strong framework for my entire homeschooling week. It is based on the classical model. We will do history, with a hands-on project each week, science (with experiment) class, Latin (I get to teach this one), art and music appreciation, with an art project and then some elective classes in the afternoon like musical theater and an additional art class or choir.  All of the morning classes will coordinate with each other and the kids will put things into their timeline book so that there is an order to everything.  The timeline book will be used over the years and we will also use it at home. I went ahead and made mine and we have already started. It is going to be great.

While I was meeting with Ann Marie about the history portion of the program, I had Zach take the babies on a walk in the wagon. It was his turn to pull them around and they needed a change of scenery.  He pulled them up the hill and was playing with them and went to the bathroom, etc.  Everything seemed to be going great. Then I see the wagon coming toward me at full speed and Zach running behind the wagon, chasing it.  It didn't dawn on  me at first what was happening and then I realized that my babies were in a runaway wagon!!! Holy CRAP!  Luckily, I was in the right place and I caught the wagon as it was gaining momentum quickly.

Harry was all smiles. He thought it was lots of fun.  Julia didn't think so...and neither did I!!!

What do I say about Zach? I really have no words.  Actual I have a lot of words but I will just keep them right here in my little noggin.  {{SIGH...}}

He was being so cute. I tried to catch him with his big toothy grin, but alas, the light turned green.


Eve said...

Phew! That would have freaked me out! I can picture the same thing happening in our family. Shouldn't wagons have air brakes??? (remote control, I am thinking)

i said...

that was crazy!! you gotta love the little miracles. like you standing right at the end of their "wild ride!" ;)

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