Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sunset Book Club Road Trip

Rinar and I drove home from St. George on Sunday night and then I left again on Monday afternoon for a little road trip with my super-awesome book club. Guess where we went? Come on. You can do it.

Yep, St. George. We went to St. George to see a play at Tuacahn and have a little sleepover at the condo. I have been in a book club for over three years now. It might even be 4. I can't remember. We meet the first Tuesday of every month, without fail. It has been incredibly consistent and our membership has stayed practically the same from the beginning. We were only missing two people for the trip. Everyone else came.

We left Vegas at 1pm and drove in two cars. I put the trip together since we were staying in my condo and I was left to make all of the decisions. The trip was not my idea, but because every member is so agreeable and easy-going, no one wanted to make any decisions. Okay, I guess I will step up and decide.

First, where should we eat dinner?

"I don't know."

"I'm easy."

"I will do whatever you decide."

So, I first decided to go to the Golden Corral for dinner. There is a big selection of food. It is easy and affordable. However, I made an executive decision to not go there at the last minute. Do you want to know why? Remember, I was there for the weekend a few days before. Guess where I ate dinner on Friday? Guess where I ate dinner on Saturday?

Hence, I decided we needed to find a new place to eat. We settled on Bajio. It was on the way to Tuacahn. Then we drove the long way through Snow Canyon, which was stunningly beautiful.

At Tuacahn, they do a pre-show in this mini-amphitheater. It was cute but we just couldn't help but sing along to all of the different animal-themed music. Can you believe they actually have a high school version of, "Welcome to the Jungle". I think that Axl Rose would have been horrified.

"Tarzan" was the play we watched and it was good. When Tarzan enters the stage as an adult, it is amazing. That is all I am going to say. Totally amazing. When the show was over, they did a little fireworks display set to "God Bless the USA". It gave me chills.

We got back from the play around 10:30pm and so naturally it was a perfect time to discuss the book. Naturally. The discussion was not too heated because I think we are all of one political mind. However, I did get a little more than annoyed when Jonna decided to bag on my man, Rush Limbaugh. You don't mess with Rush. He is totally awesome and if you are a Republican and don't think so, then it is because you don't listen to him. I asked her if she listens to him and she said a little bit, but that she thinks he is conceited. Oh...No...she...di-n't. Cat fight! Cat fight!
No, it was a lot of fun, but I was wiped out. I went to bed at 1am, but some ladies (Keri and Tanya) were up until 4am. What...are they crazy?!?

I got up early and actually went running. I was so proud of myself.

We made visit to the Temple visitors center and watched the Joseph Smith video and we ate breakfast at my new favorite St. George eatery, 25 Main.

The food was awesome and so cheap. The ambiance was fantastic and it was the perfect place for a book club. I got an omelet and pancakes and it was all delicious. They even make cupcakes. I didn't get one this time, but my name is on one of those things the next time I am there. Do you see that omelet. It had pesto sauce on it. So yummy!

After breakfast, we had to make one absolutely necessary shopping stop to store of course. It was a used bookstore in an old pioneer house on Main Street. Awesome. I think almost all of us bought something. We love books. We can't help it.

To all my ladies of the Sunset Book Club, namely, Joyce, Mary Alice, Daneen, Marie, Jonna, Keri, Tanya, Melanie, Elizabeth, and Missy, thanks for a wonderful little getaway. I had so much fun and am grateful that I can count all of you as my good friends.


Southern Kiwi said...

What was the book?

Kelly said...

No Apology by Mitt Romney

Julie T. said...

I love all those Sunset ladies! Say hello to all of them from me:)

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