Friday, July 16, 2010

8 and Back

In 2003 we attended a family reunion in Aspen Grove, Utah for my husband's side of the family and there are a lot of relations on that side of the family. We decided to rent out one of the large cabins to accommodate everyone. His family LOVES to play games and there was a large table that was perfect for the occassion. Uncle Mark introduced a new game to everyone.

That is where it all started.

8 and Back.

Rinar's family developed a love affair with this silly little card game. You could even go so far as to say it was a blissful marriage. This marriage seems to be eternal. That's right, I can honestly say for the past 7+ years, this is the game we play. Every. Single. Time.

Yes, yes, there is a smattering of other games, like Catch Phrase, Scrabble, even Ticket to Ride. But the ole ball-and-chain is still at the forefront of all family recreational activities.

You just need a handy deck of cards, one pencil, and a scratch piece of paper. We even played this game a few weeks ago and there wasn't a piece of paper to be found. Don't worry. Luckily Angie had the margin of her Spectrum crossword puzzle to save the day. We were good to go.

The game starts with every person recieving one card. Then you bid on how many tricks you think you will take. In each round, there is a new trump card established, and you base your bid on how high your card is and what suit it is. If it is a high trump card, you probably should bid on getting a trick. If you guess right, you get a ten point bonus, plus the number of tricks you won. So, in round one, you can only win one trick. Therefore, the most points you could possibly get is 11. When a card is led, you must follow the suit. If you don't have the suit that is led, you can play whatever card you want, trump or no trump. Round two, every gets two cards. Round three? You guessed it. 3 cards. This continues on to 8 rounds, 8 cards...whatever. Then you go back! Get it. 8 and Back. Haha!

This is really bad hand. You would want to bid zero on this one for sure.

We have taught copious amounts of people this game. It is easy and lots of people can play. I play it with my side of the family when we get together. People seem to pick it up quickly. But occassionally there are some that just do not get it. That is rather hilarious, if you ask me. I won't mention any names, but there have been a few people that were just plain dingy.

But now I am sad to say that I think I am ready for divorce court. My love affair with 8 and Back is dwindling, the bloom is off the flower. I just don't feel the pitter-patter that was once there.

Oh, for crying out has been over 7 years!! There are a myriad of games out there. Can't we fall in love with something else for a while?


bk said...

no, no we cannot. remember when you said it was ETERNAL? :)

Meridy said...

LOL. Lyf introduced us to eight and back. We like it! :) But we don't play it every time.

Jen said...

You need to pull out PIT. That's always fun with a crowd. ;-)

Erika said...

It is just the seven year two will make it through this. I just know it ;)

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