Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cry, Cry, Cry

Some times they are happy and sometimes...well...

Here is Harry at the top of the stairs. I only put the gate up so that he doesn't go clunk-clunk-clunk down the stairs. It is because I love him. I keep trying to tell him that, but he doesn't believe me.

You would think that he would, because a few weeks ago, Raef was in charge of him upstairs while I was taking care of Julia downstairs. About ten minutes later I heard, "THUNK, waaaaa, THUNK, waaaaa, THUNK, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" etc., etc. I caught him on the tenth step, as I raced past Zach, who watched the whole thing unfold.

Raef was at the top of the stairs and he started to cry. I was really upset as I held my crying baby in my arms. I was shaking. Then Raef came down to me and told me, through his tears, that the Holy Ghost told him to go and check on Harry, and he didn't do it. Then he proceeded to cry even louder. It just broke my heart and I was also in awe that my 8 year-old son recognized the Holy Ghost giving him guidance. Grant it, he didn't follow the counsel, but Harry is okay and Raef learned an invaluable lesson.

I took Julia swimming and I have to show you her cute swimming suit. She wasn't very happy when I took these pictures. It may have to do somewhat, just a little bit, with the fact that I left her on the couch while I went to get the camera, and when I came back I was a fraction too slow at catching her as she smacked her head on the cement.

I am a good mom. I mean, look at those pictures. And it was only a tiny bump.

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likeschocolate said...

too cute tears and all!

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