Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crazy Summer Luau

Summers in Las Vegas are like winters anywhere else. If you live north of here, you have snow in the winter, power outages, ice storms and such that drive you indoors. We have this little ole thing called the sun. And it goes into overtime from about June to October. The best thing to do is stay home because it is so flippin' hot, and especially in July. It can be brutal. In other words, I haven't left my house for weeks, except for things of absolute necessity. We especially do not go to the park.

Now, there are a lot of water parks here in town, but it is not practical with infants, so I just stay home and the kids can go swimming in our backyard. On Tuesday, I went with a friend to the free movie they show at the cinema. Wouldn't you know it? There were about 10 other ladies there with their kids, that I know really well. We were talking after the movie as it became apparent that no one was in a big hurry to go back home or go outside and evaporate in the sun.

Then I blurted out that we should have a party. An I-am-stuck-with-my-kids-all-day-and-I-am-going-crazy!!!! kind of party. I suggested a luau theme and everyone loved the idea. The party was set for Friday at my house. What better way to give me a reason to clean my house than to invite about 50 people over for some fun?

The kids and I made decorations from construction paper I have had lying around my house for the last 7 years. I bought some balloons and made Kahlua pig and rice for lunch. This was accompanied with a salad and watermelon. It was delicious and the party was a big hit. They did a lot of swimming while us women hung out. I blasted some Pilioha Hawaiian music and we had lots of fun and ate very well.

It is funny how everything seems to happen at once. In preparation for the party on Thursday, I was able to get a lot done. But I also got a visit from my brother, who is now living in the Provo area. He came with his best friend Dane and a gal friend Jess. They did some stuff Thursday know...silly Vegas stuff. And since they stayed out so late, they ended up sleeping over and leaving at lunchtime. Yeah, Jamie stuck around for the pig. Shocking, huh?

It was fun to see him.

When all of party guests started clearing out, I had another friend, Ann, come over and teach me how to make fondant and some general cake decorating techniques. It was awesome and I can't wait to try out what I have learned and make a real cake. When I do, I am sure I will be putting it on my blog. Thanks, Ann!

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Eve said...

Looks like fun! Hey, next time, invite us!

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