Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sew Much Stuff

Sometimes you are just in the mood to make pretty things and pretty spaces. And other times you can't procrastinate it any longer. These three projects I just completed were a combination of the two.

I finished Eli's room a few weeks ago. I love the way it turned out. I bought the quilt at Burlington Coat Factory. I was so excited to finally find the perfect one that I almost started doing back flips. It is exactly what I envisioned; strong red, whites, and blues with a bit of whimsy. It helped to set a tone of fun with a little bit of sophistication.

I bought plain canvas curtains and then added the color fabric on the bottom. The metallic stars were brown so I jazzed them up with some red spray paint. Don't you love the paint job? It took three coats to cover up the green and make it white and only one coat for the bottom. Rinar added the chair rail and I am in love with it.

I got the chair at the DI in St. George and the metallic cars from Homegoods. I love that store. It is also where I found the lamp and the lobster picture. That picture was a little too small for the space so I "framed" it inside of an empty frame. Now all this room needs is some closet doors and new carpet. Oh yeah, I need to add some pictures of Eli and Harry on the opposite wall. Then it will be officially done.

Then I moved on to some sewing projects. This is a diaper bag that will be going to a relative, if she doesn't have one already. She may not even like it. I have no idea. Do you love the strap? I found it on a "Time Out For Women" bag at the DI. The bag was lame but the strap and hardware were totally awesome. I found two of those bags and they were each $1. This is a lot cheaper than buying a new strap by itself. You can't see it, but the inside lining is pink and white cheetah print. Rahr! I put pockets on every side of this thing, inside and out. Pockets require a bit more work.

Then I forced myself to finish this bag for Brook. She was the winner of Ladies Olympic Challenge #1, so I made her a temple bag. She requested black and white. I can't believe that I found this fabric at Walmart.

The black print is like a plasticy, faux leather type fabric. I actually made my first zipper pocket from scratch for the inside of it.

Two more Kelly Bag originals. Hmmm...I know I owe one more person a purse, and then what do I sew?


likeschocolate said...

Adorable bedroom, and cute purse. BTW, you are looking fantastic.

Justin M. Bowen said...

Love it!!! I may have some ideas of what you can sew next.... you know now that my NINE pillows are complete. Thanks!

Spencer and Sara said...

OOK I WANT A CUTE TEMPLE BAG LIKE THAT!! I dont have one and I just shove it all into a purse hahahaa. VERY VERY CUTE. (and im serious- make it, and i'll buy it!) you are so crafty!

Brook and Chad said...

I LOVE my temple bag! I lit up when I saw it and that was so very genuine! What a bonus! Thanks Kelly!!!!! xoxo

And, Eli's room is simply darling.

Terresa said...

Cute bags!! Love them to pieces.

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