Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good News?

Is it good news when they don't really know what it is?

About a dozen doctors met today to discuss Rinar's dad and his medical condition. The consensus? Well, it is definitely NOT gliomatosis cerebri. Great news. Really what we have been hoping and praying for this past week. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and thoughts. It is greatly appreciated.

But what is it? They don't really know. They are sending a sample of the tissue to the Mayo clinic. Apparently there is a world-reknowned expert there who will be able to make a diagnosis...hopefully! They did use the word amyloid. Unfortunately, now he has to get a spinal tap. I think they are trying to beat him up: lung biopsy, brain biopsy, spinal tap. Yikes. Poor dad.

But he is in good spirits and so is Rinar's mom. Rinar is coming home today. Is it selfish for me to say "Yippee!"?

That is all I know, and now you know.

Have a great day and cherish the ones you love. Time spent with family and friends is time well-spent.


Eve said...

That is a relief, hopefully he gets a proper diagnosis soon, and I am glad for you to have your husband back in town. That is always a relief, too!! We'll keep him in our prayers and his family through this difficult time.

likeschocolate said...

They might be beating him up,but we can all be grateful that we live in a country where they try to figure out what it is. I hope he gets better soon. Hugs from Georgia!

Mrs. Bootie Burner said...

Yippee, that is good news!

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