Monday, March 29, 2010


My boys are now Cub Scouts. This is the first Pack Meeting we attended as a family. The wolfs led the flag ceremony, so Raef gave the instructions and Zach carried the flag with Trevor.

Then they gave out patches for advancement. Both of them finished the Bobcat requirements. It took us a couple of days, but we got it done. They were so proud of themselves. It was cool.

That is Eli's little head you see at the bottom of the picture. He stood up there for all of the awards. He had a grand ole time at Pack Meeting.

I got a pin too.

Here I am with the fabulous photographer Brook. Now I am really wishing I had remembered to put some makeup on before I left the house.

Julia was just happy that somebody finally took her out of the house. There was finally something new to look at instead of the same old stuff.

And Harry was ecstatic. The boy can do some serious smiles. I love how even his eyes smile.


likeschocolate said...

Way to GO! Harris just got his Arrow of light last week. Yeah, now on to Eagle.

Nadja said...

Harry and Julia are so pretty babies!!! I like Harry's smile :)

Terresa said...

Congrats to both mom & son!! Great pic of you & Brooke!

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