Monday, March 15, 2010

Fight Drama With Drama

Eli has been kicked out of the crib and now he sleeps in the big boy bed. Okay, really he always ends up on the floor and then we put him in the big boy bed. But at least he stays in his room.

Aunty Norma stayed over one day on her way back to Hawaii. She accompanied Grandma to Utah for an extended visit with Aunty Sunjoo. She can stay at my house anytime. She is like a magical cleaning/babysitting fairy. It is heavenly.

And now, when your over-dramatic, I-AM-GOING-TO-DIE-BECAUSE-A-TINY-DROP-OF-BLOOD-WAS-SPOTTED-ON-A-LITTLE-SCRATCH-ON-MY-HEAD son needs some first aid, you have to go all out to quell the incessant crying.

I think this took care of it. Thanks, Dad.


Brook and Chad said...

I love it! That is a picture to keep for all time, and definitely his wedding!

Linda said...

Okay that pic brought back memories of when my boy went into a big boy bed at 18 mos! We found him everywhere but the bed. Soooo sweet.

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