Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dad is Coming Home

They finally made a diagnosis for Rinar's dad: abeta amyloid angiopathy.

Say what?!?!?!?

Yes, it is a rare disease and it has only been diagnosed in one other person, some guy in Italy. The good news is that they have a better idea on how to treat it, but we really don't know much because it is rare. Now he is doing so much better, and his mind is lucid. We are very grateful.

Since he is able to do more things on his own, it looks like he will be able to transfer back home within the week. Rinar is on his way home right now and he is stuck in a snowstorm somewhere near Beaver. So, the bad news is that he will be home late and I will put the kids to bed on my own.

Sorry I haven't been posting stuff this last little while. I am a hermit at the moment. We dug in the trenches and did lots of school work and I completed sewing project that turned out totally awesome.

I hope to be back in full-swing soon. Love you all.

1 comment:

likeschocolate said...

I am glad his dad is doing better. But as you said, I said what? Never heard of this. I hope they can figure out how to treat him.

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