Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Ode to Me! Hey, I'm the Mom Around Here

An Ode to Me for Mother's Day

Oh, how do you like having a mother like me?
A mother so kind and so fair
Who tells you you can't have another candy
And if you cry, hey, I really don't care!

Oh, how do you like this mother of yours
Who reproves, reprimands, and yells
Makes you clean your room and mop the floors,
Do school work and quiet time as well.
Who doesn't coddle you e'en though
You may cry with the tiniest scratch
Tells you you're naughty Joe
From the latest scheme you've tried to hatch.

Sing praise to this angel mom
On my special happy mother's day.
Remember my poise and aplomb,
When I tell you no,
Because "I said so!"
It's just easier for you to obey!

(Because it is either obey, or get in big trouble...and I mean big trouble. I mean it this time! There will be a lot of consequences and you don't want consequences. They are no fun...and neither are punishments. But you are going to get both if you do that again. Ooooh, just wait till your Dad gets home.)***

***I couldn't fit that into the last stanza, but you get my drift.

So, to all you mother's out there...Happy Mother's Day.


Jami said...

I like the part that you couldn't fit into a stanza the best!

Future Mama said...

I love it!! Best mother's day post I've seen yet! No lie, that's my style, haha! I'm not good at rhyming so that's great! haha... still laughing! :)

Mother Goose said...

love it, you are funny! LOL

Meridy said...

LOL. That was fun to read!

Camryn said...

Good job, kelly!

The rhyming was great. I think you've now joined the honorary "mean mommy" club :)

Congratz girl!

Terresa said...

You are a poet! Love the "ode to me" -- so original & funny!
PS: one of my (other) homeschooling friends says she knows you, it's Joann Lopers (her sons are Vega & Dutch). Again, small world, hmm? ;)

Future Mama said...

I loved this post! thanks for sharing it on my blog! :)

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