Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eli is 15 Months-Old

In the last few weeks, Eli has discovered the joy of shoes. He likes to put shoes on his feet and walk around. Actually, he only puts one shoe on his foot and then prances around the house. He finds it very entertaining. But the concept of a shoe is really sinking in.

Yesterday, I told him that we were going bye-bye and then I told him to go get his shoe. He looked at me for a few seconds and then turned around and left the room. About a minute later, he returned with one of his flip-flops. He was holding it up high so that I could see. It was really quite a precious moment.

And here is what happens when you take a lollipop away from him...

Tonight Rinar put him to bed and made this little video of the moment. Waving has become a big thing for him recently. He is becoming quite adept at the wave. I just want to squeeze him to death sometimes, my little punkin' pie!

1 comment:

Lanell said...

Love the temper tantrum! Such a fun stage :)

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