Saturday, May 16, 2009

Craig's List Rocks!

Today was eventful. I put my Tahoe up for sale, and my pool table, and I got rid of my old oven. I just love me some Craig's List.

A guy came today to look at the Tahoe. He made us an offer we couldn't refuse and we were going to close the deal, until I went to look for the title in the nice folder I had made a long time ago for the car. The folder was labeled "Chevy Tahoe". It was in the automobile section. It has been there for 6 years...until today. POOF! Gone! {argh} I don't even have a clue where it could possibly be at all. And it is not like I have dozens of places in my house where I keep stacks of paper. It is pretty much one room, and I swear it isn't there. So the bottom line is the car is still in my freaking driveway!!!! I am going to have to request a duplicate title and wait and hope the guy doesn't buy a car in the mean time. I will pray for quick government processing (yeah right), or magical reappearing acts of the manila folder variety.

Then, I had sold our pool table on craig's list so that I can convert the room into my new family/school room. I am excited. They came and took it away today. Hip, hip, hooray.

Then my handyman came to install the new, free oven I got. He will be doing a little bit of remodeling on my kitchen to get it to fit just right. Therefore, the old, broken oven had to go. He put it on the curb and I put it in the free section of craig's list. It was like a race to see who could get here first. I just listed our address and no phone number. I got a few emails asking if it was still here. It lasted for less than two hours and then two different cars came to get it within 10 minutes. I feel bad for car number two. They just were not fast enough!

Now I have two light fixtures that were over the pool table. They hang too low. My tall family will definitely bump their heads on the darn things. Oh what to do?

I know....craig's list. We shall see if I have any bites on the fixtures. I hope so. If not, I will just have Rinar take them down anyways. I will sell them eventually. There is really no hurry on those things.

Now is the time to rearrange all of the rooms upstairs. I get to paint and redecorate. It is going to be so much fun...for Rinar! I just say..."Honey, can you..." and just fill in the blank.

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Jen said...

Hey - how much are you asking for the car?

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