Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party in Las Vegas

My fellow Americans,

On this tax day, 2009...I respectfully protest the incredible financial burden the government has placed on me and upon my posterity. I fear for the future of my children.

You may not see it now, but it is coming. Your taxes may not be sky-high now, but they will be. Even if your income taxes are not high, think of all the other taxes you pay on a daily basis. Every which way you turn, you are taxed, taxed, taxed. It is never enough. They always want more.

When I don't have enough money, I stop spending. I cut back. I go without. The government expects us to pay our fair share, and yet they NEVER cut back or tighten their belts. They just keep spending and spending: Democrats AND Republicans.

Wake up America!! The government works for us, not the other way around. Taxes should not be an overwhelming burden on the citizens of this great nation. It is oppression. Speak up and let your voices be heard.

Respectfully Yours,
A Concerned Citizen in Southern Nevada

I invited Meridy to come with me to a tea party that was down the street from my house**. It was an awesome experience. There were people there from all walks of life. Everyone had signs that had obviously been made at home: unique, funny, and witty. No one was paid to be there. People sacrificed time off from work to come. You see, these people actually work for a living and make this country what it is everyday.

Everyone was very polite and nice. The atmosphere was electric. We listened to a few speakers and one of them was from Atlanta here on business: Herman Cain. He was incredible. Then he was followed by some whacko dude who bragged about not paying taxes (I totally disagreed with him, btw). About halfway through, and with a very subdued crowd, Meridy and I decided to go stand on the street and wave to people and hold up our signs. A majority of the cars were happy and gave us a thumbs up or honked their horns. There were a few that flipped us off but, hey, it is a democracy, so whatever. They were just keeping it classy, I guess.

It was a lot of fun and I am very grateful that I could go and participate in a protest I strongly believe in.

**Okay, as I was looking at the media picture of the rally, I totally can see myself in the crowd. Can you pick me out? I am wearing a blue shirt,big huge sunglasses, and holding my sign backwards so people behind me can see. I am pretty much near the back of the group. Go will be like a fun game of Where's Waldo?


Terresa said...

I'm so laughing! Mostly because...

1. I was going down the blog roll on MM blog site and stumbled onto your blog. But, I know you!! I think I've seen you in the halls @ church! (sunset ward, right? we're in Silverado now but used to be in Pebble canyon).

2. Pretty much my entire family except me went to the tea party here in Vegas today...even my 85 yr old gram.

3. From your blog it looks like you're pregnant with twins! I have twins, too (they're 5 now).

Small, small world! We've got to get together & chat sometime. ;)

PS: love your family pictures on your blog...who is your photographer??

Terresa said...

Ok, go ahead and laugh. I can't find a way to email you, so I'm posting another comment to your blog (or I could probably ask Carolyn M or Melanie S for your #, huh? :)

I just read your email and I'm speechless. Your second set of twins!!!! That makes you the fourth person I know who has/is having their 2nd set of twins. And the main reason why I've told my husband that we're **absolutely done having kids.**

don't get me wrong, I'm excited for you, but ahhh, it's work, girl.

We got lucky with our #4 (he's a singleton), but I don't want to play Russian roulette and try for a #5 and #6, I think it'd do me in.

Are you on FB? Do you do park days? We need to talk! I'd love to hear your twin stories!!! email me at:

or I'm on FB: Terresa Hall Wellborn

The Ortons said...

I love that you went to that.

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