Thursday, April 23, 2009

Say Hello!

This is the latest thing from our little marshmallow, Eli. When you say, "Hello!", he puts his hand to his ear like he is talking on the phone and he responds back to you a lot like this picture. It is almost automatic. Plus, everything is a, remote controls, cups, boxes. He does not discriminate. If he can hold it in his hand, it is a phone to him.

He is just a very busy baby right now. Eli gets into everything and wants to know how everything works. He loves closing doors and then opening them and then closing them, etc., etc., etc. He has taken a notice to shoes lately and tries to put them on his feet. Oh, they grow so fast.

And as a side note, not that I am trying to influence my very scientific poll, but I really think I am having two boys. Make sure you vote. My appointment is on May 14th. Hopefully, if the babies cooperate, we will know what we are having. Of course, my intuition is not very reliable. I was very certain that Eli was a girl.

1 comment:

Likes Chocolate said...

Cute! Roman just learned how to say hello and it is the cutest thing. Hoping that at least one of the twins is a girl. Let's cross our fingers.

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