Friday, April 24, 2009

Boys Excursion to St. George

Rinar went to St. George with the kids last week so that he could play golf with his brothers and watch Nordel's football game. Nordel is on a semi-pro team called the St. George Blitz. The team has been doing really well and so has Nordel. It doesn't hurt that he is 6'7" tall and is a big guy. I think Rinar said he plays tight end. They won the game and the whole family came out to watch them.

Nordel is the tallest guy in the middle of this picture. I think he is #63,

The kids played with their cousins all day on Friday while they had their golfing excursion. I think Rinar said they golfed 27 holes and it took about 7 hours. I bet Rinar was really glad I stayed in Las Vegas. 7 hours of golfing? Are you kidding me???

On Saturday, Rinar and Nordel took Raef and Zach fishing. They were catching bass at a golf course pond. It was catch-and-release. Look at what the kids pulled in by themselves...

Zach's fish weighed 1 pound.

Raef scored a two-pounder. Impressive, huh?


They also went shooting with Uncle Lyf. Yes, that really is a real gun. It is a .22 pistol. I am sure some of you are probably going to freak out when you see this picture. Rinar and his brothers would do this with their Dad at this age, a long time ago. I guess it is a rite of passage for boys. Rinar and Lyf do a great job of explaining gun safety to the kids. They go far out into the middle of nowhere.

There are a lot of "middle-of-nowheres" in the west.

When I saw this picture, I was a little freaked-out too. It is my motherly instinct. But I have complete faith in my husband. I know that I can trust him implicitly.

By the way, I don't think that Zach hit the target.

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Julie T. said...

I am afraid that as soon as Ridge can hold the gun he will be shooting with his dad! Just kidding but I know Chris can't wait to teach him. It looks like they had a really fun boys weekend. I am sure you had a relaxing time too!

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