Thursday, December 11, 2008

Violin Recital 2008

The yearly recital was tonight and the kids did a fantastic job. There were some funny things that happened. I thought I would share the concert with everyone. I set my camera incorrectly, so Zach's number is in two parts. You will especially enjoy what happens in the second watch carefully.

But, have you ever seen such a happy violin player? It is so genuine. Zach loves the violin and he loves the stage. He had a lot of reasons to smile.

Raef must have really enjoyed Zach's piece, "Gavotte from Mignon" by A. Thomas, because he followed his brother and proceeded to play the song his brother had just played. It was an honest mistake. His song, "Theme From Witches Dance" by N. Paganini does not have any kind of introduction. Therefore he didn't have any kind of clue to keep him on track. So, he just stopped and then restarted with the correct number. He is very focused when he plays.

Oh yeah, and you will notice a ways into the video that it gets all shaky and you might hear snapping. Zach was busy talking to the piano player's daughter and so I was snapping at him to get him to zip it up. I swear, sometimes that child will be the death of me!


Cheryl said...

I enjoyed the videos this morning. What talented, handsome, studious boys.

Likes Chocolate said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so amazed that you are able to do it all.

Meridy said...

How cute!!!

Hey, if you still wanted to post something on my political blog you can....I just wanted to make sure because I didn't hear back from you. I need your email address to get you on that blog. And if not, don't worry about it. ;)

Eve said...

Great, great, and GREAT!!!
I am so impressed, what a lot of practice that takes to get to that level. Keep it up, boys! (and mom and dad!)

Angie said...

Good Job Zach and Raef! The hard work is paying off!

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