Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Santa and Bath Time

Dear Santa letters have been put in the mail.

Santa Claus
North Pole

These are the letters they wrote. They also decorated their envelopes like Christmas presents.

Then Eli woke up from his nap with the biggest poopie he has ever had... ever. I decided to give him a bath, just in case I missed any crack or crevice. While he was taking his bath, Raef read his McGuffey reader to me. I could also hear Zach in the background playing the piano.

No butts about it, bath time is the berries!

Look at that angelic face.

Bath toys are delicious. Hmmmmm....

Afterwards, he got a bottle and his eyes were glistening because he was crying. Hey, he was really hungry. You would cry, too.


Meet the Robertsons said...

Awww...did Eli have too many Cheerios earlier?? He is so cute! I love the Santa letters. Good thing you sent them out early so Santa's elves can have them ready by Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

Well my dear... I would have to agree on the cuteness of our son. What a proud papa I am right now - and the letters to Santa get me every time. Thank you for getting that COMPLETED with the boys. I would have probably sent them way too late for Santa to get them in time.

Meridy said...

Does Elie love to take a bath?? William does. He says "ba" and proceeds to climb in with all of his clothes on. ;)

I liked your story about the hats and the concert. It was funny. :)

Angie said...

The boys are such good writers. You must be an awesome teacher! I bet if you can find them you would get a good deal on flip-flops in December. Keep searching, I know how you love to shop!

Kelly said...

Yeah Angie...you know me. I am all about the hunt, huh?

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