Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Things We Did

The kids had a homeschool party yesterday at Kristina's house. Santa even came. She made us wear the silly antlers, but I thought they looked better on Eli...don't you think so?

My kids played with the play-dough almost the entire time. Xander is in the foreground and Nicholas is the boy at the end of the table. These are their homeschool buddies.

Later that evening, we went to Nevada School of the Arts for the kids Christmas Concert with their classmates. The kids in this group were from all Suzuki levels. Eli really enjoyed the music and clapped at all of the appropriate times.

Wow, look at those eyes...
This is their group teacher, Jennifer Petersen. She is a fantastic teacher. And she has a lot of patience...thank goodness.

Grace, a good friend from our ward is in the background. They have known her from the first week we moved to Las Vegas. They were in Nursery together. She is a very advanced violin player.

Grace, right before the concert started.

This is a girl from their class. Fortunately, the boys are in a small class. There are about 6 kids in the class, so they get a lot of attention and help with their technique. I am pretty sure her name is Emily, but I could be wrong.


Lanell said...

The concert sounds great! I love the kids in the santa hats. Too cute.

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