Friday, September 19, 2008

Mind Like a Steel Trap

It may seem like I am always posting funny things that Zach says, but he just says a lot of funny thing. What can I say?

Everyday for school we start by reading a section out of "Preach My Gospel" so the kids can learn about religion in a very simple, but powerful way. We have been able to have some very good discussions. Anyway, yesterday he started to explain to me the difference between bad and wicked.

"Mom, bad is when you don't pick up your toys and wicked is when you don't build a boat."

Take a minute to think about that. I think it is actually a very succinct definition.

He also has an incredible memory and since he can read very well now, he surprises me by the things he has memorized. I don't need to look at the soccer schedule to see who is the next opponent. Zach has the memorized up to about 4 weeks. I asked him who we were playing tomorrow...

"The Blue Racers, and then the Force, and then the Wild Cats."

Apparently he is looking at the schedule every week to keep himself informed.

And Raef seems to just keep it all to himself. I guess you could say Zach is the mouthpiece in their relationship. But he is just the most unbelievable little cleaner. He likes to clean and does it very well. He is so dependable. I am a very lucky Mom.

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