Saturday, September 20, 2008

Game 3: Red Bulls vs. Blue Racers


The score was 3-2 and we hung on to our victory. Zach led an assist to Ossian and he put it in the goal. Zach has no fear at getting in anyone's face. He plays 100% all the time. He even ran head on into the other player and got knocked in the head pretty good. He didn't cry but you could tell that it hurt. Coach Jose told him that the other guy looked a lot worse than him, so when Dad asked him how he was, Zach told Dad, "I look a lot better than the other guy."

Raef also played a great game. He is very athletic and really did an excellent job as sweeper, the defensive dude. He also contributed to a score by getting a big kick down the field to his teammate (I can't remember which one), who put it in the back of the net.

They were a happy bunch of kids and it was nice to see all of Coach Jose's hard work as coach starting to pay off. They moved better and were really using the skills they have been learning in practice.

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